Other Projects!

Here's a bunch of other things I get up to, each with their own pages!
Knotwork Illustrations

Here you can find the various illustrations I've done with knotwork designs, a topic I periodically come back to. Currently the most notable is a series of animal medallions with quotations around the outer edge.

Miniature Landscape Illustrations

This is a long running series of miniature ink landscapes that been posted online every week day for roughly the last four or five years. Aside from a few at the very beginning, all are 4.5cm x 4.5cm (approx. 1.75 in x 1.75 in) in micron pen on watercolour paper.

Paper Art

I plan on keeping my various explorations into various forms of cut paper illustration here, however at the moment it is relatively limited.


Comics are a storytelling format I both enjoy and keep coming back to, Eventually I will put some of my explorations into the medium here as I find the time.
For the time being you can find an older attempt here and a current work in progress here.